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SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online is a tool for collaboration, document management and building intranet which is suitable to an organization. With Microsoft CLOUD base solution, SharePoint Online is affordable for any organization and whatever its size and budget.

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Document management

SharePoint Online provides some useful functions for document and storage management that allowed creating and sharing content within an organization. SharePoint configuration allows an organization to create its own formal records management system, and to enhance collaboration of its staff.


In addition to support your organization's document management, SharePoint Online provides the following features:

  • Store, organize and retrieve documents.

  • Ensure consistency of documents.

  • Manage the traceability of document versions.

  • One place to visit for all your tasks and needs.

  • Protect documents against unauthorized access or unauthorized use.

  • Manage document sharing with external users.


A SharePoint intranet helps organize the accessibility of documents and/or information within an organization by section, department and/or user group. It also allows your employees to create, organize and disseminate news and events in autonomous and user-friendly way. In addition, it is possible to make it available to all. This last point is essential for an organization with offices on several sites.

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